Sunday, October 10, 2010


Posted By Bas Rutten

Throughout life, phrases and words come and go with age. Some we look back upon and laugh ("radical!"), others we ask ourselves what the fuck we were thinking ("da bomb!"). Some made people angry, and others made people make fun and spit at you ("hella"). Whatever the circumstance, phrases and words are, and always will be, little fuckers that come and go, which I like to call the "phases of phrases." However, one man changed all of that. One man looked down at two playing cards in 2007 and made the world a better place. One man proved so powerful that his words and phrases defeated over 6,000 humans, all by his fucking self. This little 5-foot nothin', sun-glass wearin', kiddie picture kissin' son of a bitch changed the course of life by uttering two words: "I raise." Jerry Yang is that man.

Not only did Jerry send chills down the spines of the other players, at the final table in the main event of the 2007 World Series Of Poker, he made them quiver, drool, sweat, and pant when he raised: "Two point eight MIRRION." No, not 2.8 million, as the thousands of other poker players would have said while their opponents did not take them seriously and re-pop it to 10, he "raced mirrrrions" and took home the top prize of over 6 "mirrion dorrars" and has not looked back since.

Jerry has proved to be an inspiration to mirrions across the world, as this word can be used at any point, any time, and any place to the delight of the mirrions...AND MIRRIONS! of the Yang's fans.

Morton Schlitz: "Yo man, my grandmother died from the mumps yesterday."
Homeless George: "Mirrion."

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