Friday, October 15, 2010

Lost Complainers

Posted by Dobb Master Flex

This post goes out to all the people who have ever (or would like to) complained about Lost. Look, everyone knows that there were a lot of questions brought up by the show throughout the series, and it may have seemed like the writers were trying to mess with your brain. Most likely this was true, but I, and every other true fan, enjoyed every minute of it. For the "lost" people, i.e. coworkers, I think it would have been best if you stopped complaining at my cubicle about how you couldn't wait for the series to end because you can't follow the show anymore; you are now on my list. Maybe you have a short attention span. So what if they didn't answer every single last question that you have retained since the first season. Some questions are better left unsaid; there is only so much that we could have accomplished from analyzing or blogging about the show.

During the show's final days, I had a major sociological revelation when I found that there were two types of Lost fans, or really, two types of people. The first type just sat back and enjoyed the roller coaster ride of a show. The second was a bitter person who simply watched out of obligation but didn't even care anymore. This person needs to crash on a deserted island with a smoke monster and an electromagnetism problem to learn their lesson (I haven't even mentioned anything about the space/time continuum). I don't think that's too far from a realistic punishment. Look, if you are catching up now, or just re-watching the show for the fun of it, just enjoy it. As Steven Tyler once said "Life's a journey. Not a destination." Every episode offers some sort of entertainment; incredible one liners, great acting, and let's not forget about the Lost drinking game. Seriously, how many times did you complain throughout the show's history only to be proven wrong at the end? Probably every season. So do me a favor, shut your mouth, or stop watching. It's up to you. But no matter what, don't tell John Locke what he can't do, because he has so many ridiculous anecdotes about life and carries really large knives.

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