Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Break This Game

Posted by Booze Fighter

Don't Break the Ice - Milton Bradley 1968

I'd like to say, first and for most, that this game is a complete pile of plastic shit. The set up to play ratio is 100sec/1sec, so basically it's 99% a waste of time. The games idiocy was so apparently world wide that it actually angered a whole population of North Vietnamese; which sparked the first Anti-Shitty Game Campaign (later to be known as The Tet Offensive)...unleashing their rage on all those who thought hitting plastic cubes of lame, till the man on the shitter cam crashing down, was actually a good idea.

Years later you still catch this peon of the gaming world loitering where it shouldn't be, like next to an elite gaming system or anywhere not on fire. The only way this game would be slightly more legit is if, with every blow, the hammer played the bonus tune from Wreckin' Crew (NES Classic) and as the retarded, red man falls, he screams "CREED IS A LEGIT ROCK GROUP," and then lays waste in a vat of lava.

Die you lier. Die you game.

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