Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toys I Wish I'd Never Melted: Exo Squad

posted by Booze Fighter
These toys were based off one of the most underrated cartoons ever. I found the toy before I learned about the show and my love for video games eventually led me to pounding on the A B C buttons of a Genesis controller trying to cap Phaeton, the Neosapien governor of Mars. Anyhow, my brains practically exploded when I realized that with this toy not only do you get a completely movable action figure that fits his or her very own personal "Mech Machine," but it fires plastic missiles at a range suitable for any 12 year old who is trying to take out a large ant hill. This toy would still be a hit today, with the potential to inspire imaginations everywhere. "Hey Billy, why don't you drop that Dazzle Doll and take on the Neosapiens with your very own Exo Squad?" Hell yeah, Billy. Hell yeah.


  1. I came here from a post you made on Hulu. Your writing is terrible, thank you for wasting my time by giving me no useful information about the subject.

  2. well if you wanted a sorce of solid information I'd recommend you using your high school diploma and use sorces like wikipedia. This is a summery of what was cool and trendy in the time of toys. Understand that your in a jungle before you complain about it raining dork.