Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Food Review: Sir Chomps a Lot

posted by Booze Fighter

In addition to being the perfect name for any type of canned deliciousness, Sir Chomps a Lot stands in the Food Hall of Fame twirling his pimp cane next to the almighty Hamburglar. I'm sure you can remember many times in which you ate a can of Chef Boyardee pasta. It is a very common meal, after all. However, when I think back to my childhood and remember eating Sir Chomps a Lot, it's far from a common memory. You see, Sir Chomps a Lot was so good that it would be the only ravioli that I'd end up snorting. It would hit my frontal lobe and stick where it should: in my mind and in my stomach. Unfortunately, the Sir Chomps a Lot mascot has been retired, but I know he's somewhere lurking in a dark cupboard waiting to unleash the Four Horsemen of Taste.

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