Friday, December 18, 2009

A Hunt For Something Familiar

posted by Fly Boy
Manhunt is a game of stealth, fear, and adrenaline. Manhunt is a lot like tag, if tag was storming the Beach of Normandy on an acid trip. Manhunt is like Tag’s older brother... if your older brother is the type who steals your lunch money and then proceeds to have sex with your girlfriend. I am not going to take this time to explain the rules of the game. If you do not know how to play, you may want to accuse your parents of neglect. If you plan to look for the rules of the game do not click on the first link in a Google search for "manhunt." That's what I did, and as a result, I ended up here:

“MANHUNT is the world's best place for men to meet online; tens of thousands of guys are online this second! Get on, get off: The hunt is on.”

Unfortunately, kids these days are too busy for manhunt or any other backyard game that has satisfied generations prior. They are more interested in updating their facebook status and downloading Lady Gaga ringtones for their smart phone, while dressing in skin tight jeans and trendy flannels. Does the dawning of a technologically advanced society and the Twilight Saga mean the end of Manhunt? Not in my book.

Just because the new generation has lost its love for the great outdoors, doesn’t mean our generation can’t continue playing manhunt. I don’t see anything wrong with a group of grown men, dressed in all black, chasing each other in the middle of the night, lurking in unfamiliar backyards waiting to rescue a friend from an imaginary prison, all while being slightly intoxicated. Sounds like fun to me. So I ask my Soldiers of the Side Street and Commanders of the Cul-de-sac to come together and keep our favorite past-time alive.

Manhunt anyone?

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