Friday, June 29, 2012

Thin Ice

Posted by Booze Fighter
Here's a winner for the shittest game award.  Gee Guys, lets corner the market for board games by creating...  I got it! Falling through thin ice is hilarious and fun. Lets make a game about freezing to death.

Marbles kind of look like people... and hell, fuck trees... those are disposable so paper could be the ice. Thats it, perfection at its finest.

Four months later...  

What the fuck who keeps on using up all the toilet paper?! I work all damn day choppin' killer evergreens down to supply the world with paper ice for the best game ever.

Maybe the Angry Pooping Man should have realized a few things:
1. The game sucks
2. Wipe your ass with the game and the game's inventors

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